Natural Seer, Mystic, Toltec Shaman, Multidimensional, Energy worker,

Soul Retrieval and Twin Flames.


Integration of Polarities (shadow/light, masculine/feminine).


"Tune into the Joy Frequency"




As a natural seer, channel and mystic, I have access to a vast amount of knowledge ranging from ancient rituals, meditation, sacred sexuality, dreaming and Toltec shamanism. As well as being in a twin soul union, which has solidified my multidimensional awareness, I have been engaging in higher dimensional realities which have given me the experience to work and see energy directly.

I have attended university where I have studied in the fields of literature, education and psychology, but the universe has guided me to follow my heart. For many years, I have been writing novels which have opened me up to phenomenally new insights and perceptions. Essentially dreaming our own reality, unfolding our own cosmic tale is the only journey for any of us.  No matter where the journey takes you, in the end, you are always forced to confront yourself. It is the only journey that matters, the only path that will ever yield results and the only one that will ever bring you to the greatest realizations of your life.

I am a shaman who has worked quietly with many clients for a long time and I am now excited to have a platform and a way to communicate this sacred knowledge to you. I enjoy working with those who are authentic, who long for a universal love affair and seek a connection to their own joy. Because when you are longing for something beyond, when all else has failed, it is time for you to heed the call of the wild.





“Working with Sylvia has been an extremely positive experience. She is truly an exceptional seer and accurate with her interpretations and her understanding of the inner self.”

Sarah, NY.


"From the very first moment I met Sylvia, I was magnetically drawn to working with her. She is extremely authentic and has a unique way of connecting with me. My life has already dramatically changed and I am a new person able to cope with everything.  She has opened me up to new aspects of my soul and I feel I have given birth to myself again."

Christina, Cyprus


Are  you suffering from depression,

lack of passion in your  day to day life?

Do you endlessly search for answers that elude you?

Are you stuck in a routine and can’t see a way out? 

My vision awakens you to your own passion, forges pathways toward your dreams and ultimately aligns you with yourself.


You are the gift you are waiting for.





"You say you want to know the story,

of what happened when I dreamed myself into a new reality. 

She calls me the Other,

I call her Anatat,

and she and I are about to meet

In the deadly labyrinth below."












"This story moves very quickly and draws you in as quickly unless you are not into inter-dimensional portal adventures--otherwise look out for mermaids, nomads, warriors and shapeshifters! I loved how the author occasionally used chants in the text. I found myself totally transported out of this reality which is what I have been looking for in a novel. Not only a way to escape in the most delicious way possible, but to also find myself deeply drawn into the characters, especially of Anatat who is moved quickly through strange desert encounters and the tenaciousness of Nantale Dore, who like the rest of the characters seem driven by an inner urge to travel into the depths of something inexplicable--a very magical book, full of lively characters and I would certainly recommend it."

- Jenniffer, New York, USA