Spiritual Therapist

Where can I find a spiritual therapist?

It’s safe to say that we can all get swept up in our day-to-day lives, making us neglect our spiritualty. If we’re not worrying about work issues, then we’re fretting over the state of the world it’s currently in. Not only can it leave us feeling tired and exhausted, but being swept up in the worry can mean that we forget our own journey. If you’re looking to speak to a spiritual therapist, Sylvia is here to help.

What packages does Sylvia offer? 

Depending on your levels of ability and how far you would like to journey, Sylvia offers several options. The awakening package is perfect for those that are looking to begin their journey into themselves and the universe. For those looking to go a little deeper, the living dream package is perfect for people who want to delve further. If you’re ready to jump all the way in, the transformation is perfect for you. Working with chakra meridian blockages, this package addresses your own self-confidence and being.

If you’re ready to begin your spiritual journey, get in touch with Sylvia today. Fill out the contact form on the website, or speak to her directly on 07462010028.