Spiritual Therapy

Are you looking to go on a spiritual journey? Perhaps you’ve dabbled before with your own spirituality, but have gone unguided and seek the assistance of an expert? Maybe you have some struggles which you feel needs addressing with spiritual therapy? For all these concerns, turn to Your Cosmic Tale where you can go on a journey of true self-discovery.

When you learn how to address your own limits and your own personal powers, you can become open to a whole new part of you which you never knew existed. By expanding yourself and your mind, you’ll get to understand how to create better relationships, be kind to yourself, and above all, be true to yourself and not let anyone step in the way of your dreams.

When you choose to work with Sylvia Ioannides at Your Cosmic Tale, you will learn how to connect to your own energy source. Sylvia offers various packages to suit all levels and budgets, catering for many. Ranging from the awakening package and the living dream package, to the transformation package, she offers something for everyone.

No matter which one you decide you’re ready for, you will be supported and guided by Sylvia every step of the way.

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