Inanna Ascends and Writing Myself Out of Obscurity

May 4, 2016 Sylvia Ioannides No comments exist
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Writing Myself Into the Plot

Why does the Goddess Inanna want to ascend? Where has she been? And why was she up to now in so much obscurity? After writing this amazing epic fantasy for about fourteen years, The Hood of Aalayfa and its subsequent books, I ended up being thrust into a grand love affair that was not of my own making.  Embroiled within my obscurity, deep in my creation, I waited long before forces from beyond had to coerce me into unveiling myself which I am reluctant to do.  So here I am, tunnelling into the core of the earth, comfortable in the skins of my story, like paper wings on my back.

I  admit that I have procrastinated in writing about my writing because we hear of so many writers  blogging, writing, speculating on their creations. I prefer to focus on what ultimately draws me into a new type of reality. Honestly, my interest in writing is very personal, it is a private dance into the unknown, an obscure journey into the deep path of the heart.

When I first started the process of writing novels, my biggest issues were basic: a laptop, a comfortable place, bare financial support and most importantly discipline; writing is hard when you have a house of distractions and people who don’t understand the energetic investment and the hard work involved.  Suddenly you remember that you have a thousand other things to do.

Working around my low paying job as a receptionist, I wrote feverishly in those wonderful chains like Starbucks and Costa Coffee in the UK:

Yes, coffee shops are a great invention for a writer. Listless customers, lack of interest in me, indifferent baritas ignoring me are sheer joy for me. Ignore me, I prayed as I pound away at the keys!


Of course, writing is also channelling from the Spirit, a flow of ideas that cascade from the creative mind. The corporate lifestyle is fast coming to an end, working for the other is undergoing a huge transformation; slaves are abandoning their old mentality. Still, working six to eight hours a day and balancing writing with living has truly taken a toll on my social life but that was certainly worth it. Weaving words into a joyful quilt with an intensity and awareness has really opened me up to a greater understanding of the world and my role in it.

Writing as Magical Intention

Writing means leaving the ordinary reality behind, becoming open to magic and intent and inclinations. And it was opening myself to a greater version rather than being bogged down in ridiculous definitions society imposes on people. It is true that writing is not for everyone, but the creative process definitely is; it is an opportunity to chase ourselves, comb through the universe which is our collective creation.

I admit that I have become very comfortable in obscurity, relishing those strange moments when words tumble into my mind and images construct themselves. Sentences flow from my fingers and I stare blankly out into the busy city. The inner world and external world find a place of bonding in strange places. Windows open in whispers inviting you into new perspectives.

I trek back into my coffee chain to watch the shadows of twilight fall on the people of London. It is a strange city in the autumn carrying both imminent desire and descending darkness but it doesn’t have the Canadian winter death which is like being nailed on a cross.

Like the goddess Inanna who descended into the depths of the darkness, I emerge from obscurity. Inanna cannot descend below without heeding the call of the world above. Collectively, we are calling for her to rise, and so she does, imparting those spectacular secrets of the underworld.


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