"You are a cosmic tale of magic and mystery. You come to life in stories that stretch across time and space. This is your tale and mine."



The Hood of Aalayfa. 
When Personal Power Matters.

     Cloaked in the mists of Mesopotamia is the mysterious world of Aalayfa, an alternate reality made of the fragments of Tiamat, the Dragon Mother. It is precisely this world that compels the Soultana of Siduri to cross realities, journeying to find Anatat, a Hood of Aden who serves as a minion to the current queen. 

     Anatat is not expecting the powerful being rattling with power that comes crashing through the gates with large vipers in her hair.  Even more astonishing is the familiarity she feels for the beguiling sorceress who ushers her into the isolated desert to initiate her into a heightened state of awareness.   

     For Anatat, it is more than a matter of loyalty but also of trust as she and the sorceress are pulled below the surface of the desert into the underworld of the Chilala, the desert spirits.  It is in the dark underworld that Anatat is intrigued to learn of a parallel self living in a very different reality where the story of lovers unfolds in modern day London.  

     Between the two earth realities, stories interweave: Orion trees, inter-dimensional wolves, shape-shifting crows, python lovers, green haired maidens, flying ships, talking cobras, blue skinned giants, seers, warriors, scorpion queens, desert spirits, and nocturnal structures that lurk in the shadows between time and space; and then there is Heliandra, who would go to any lengths to maintain power over them all. 

     Tracing her origins through the dimensions, Anatat and the sorceress travel relentlessly, embodying various ancient archetypes that lead them to the ultimate truth about their own personal relationship and that of the cosmos.

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The emerging reality, the new frequency is all about transcending and transforming the current paradigm by beginning with the self first. There can be no greater knowledge, no greater adventure than the love affair that one has with the vast universe; and my art is a gateway to new possibilities, other realities and worlds that are closer to us than we imagine. The images fluidly bridge realities, communicate directly with your soul and offer themselves as a tool for enlightenment and joy.  The simplistic images are energetic and vibrant and raw, restructuring your perception of reality as you slip away from the solidity of the everyday. Thus, it is with passion and excitement that I offer my services for commissioned frequency channeled art which provides a space for healing and connections to other realities. 




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"I really found the book powerful and inventive. I enjoyed the way it was set up - the main character, Anatat, travels through space and time across multiple realities, on a journey of awakening and empowerment. The story is full of fantastical characters - mermaids, nomads and shape-shifters just to mention a few and occasionally uses mysterious chants or songs as part of the story-telling.  I thought the author had a great imagination and I truly felt swept into the story up until the very end, with the battle between Heliandra (the antagonist) and Anatat reaching a crescendo with a 'cliff-hanger’ ending (which I really don’t like as it forces me to wait until the next book comes out before finding out what happens!). Still, the book was magical and alluring, very carefully written with lots of imaginative detail.  I cannot wait to read the next installment!"

- Vicki, Brisbane, Australia