Awareness. Love. Happiness.

Journey to the Inner Self.

Connect to your own Source Energy,

Tap into your best qualities and

Become the Creator you were born to be.


On this private journey with me, you will learn to access your own powers, release limiting beliefs and forge a way into new realizations that will benefit your life endlessly.  Expand yourself and your reality and take the path into the unknown where wondrous surprises await you. Through my mentoring programs, you will learn how to create better relationships with others, progress abundantly and become unhindered by those beliefs that have held you back from living your dream.

You are on this planet to celebrate yourself and your life.

Welcome to the Path of the Heart.



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Access Power, Abundance and Freedom

And Work with Spirit to unravel the

Positive qualities that are naturally within.


A working partnership with me will take you onto the path of power and success in all areas of your life. It is an intense experience which can cause profound changes and insights, shifting your perception. It certainly does entail mentoring and counselling but it goes deeper than that to uncover your limiting beliefs and what might be holding you apart from achieving your innermost desires. Working with me will allow you to hear your own truth, and access higher vibrations, essentially opening up the path to more abundance and freedom. By identifying your limiting beliefs, we will be able to get to the core of the issue and give you the clarity to move forward.  After the sessions, you will experience shifts and be given the tools that you need to continue the process on your own. 



Let Authenticity and Unconditional love guide you to the Inner Heart.

Come alive with True Purpose and Passion.


These private sessions are for those with a deep need for a reconnection with their own life and are looking for a path forward. I offer myself as an energetic conduit to link with your inner self. We will take a deep look into the heart of the matter and much will be unveiled as you begin to:


--Connect to your authenticity by expressing your own truth

--Bridge the gap between your inner and outer self

--Address the root themes of self confidence and sabotage

--Accept your entire being/recognize shadow aspects

--Develop or awaken your own healing abilities





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Let's Do It! 


Journey to the Centre of Yourself and Discover Self Confidence and Joy.

Look into Your Essence and Realize what your Soul wants to Express.


Limiting beliefs and lifestyle patterns can definitely be changed in a non critical, safe environment. Depending on the issue, most clients experience major shifts in a short time, while others take much longer.  It really depends on you and how deep you want to go. Your long term success depends entirely on you and your willingness to be mentored. I will facilitate the process by holding you accountable and together we will begin the process of self awareness so that you feel more in control of your life choices. These are some of the issues and limiting beliefs I worked with before:

  • Job Stress, Careers
  • All types of relationships: marriage, partnership, family issues like adoption, children, abandonment
  • Health matters
  • Financial Issues
  • Self Esteem, Worthiness and Self Sabotage
  • Grief/Death
  • Spirituality

Please Note: I do not work with severely depressed or suicidal clients nor do I provide medical or financial advice. 


Distance Healing for the Energy Body


Distance Healing can be performed when the person is not present. Healing energy can be transmitted across distances and be quite effective not only in healing but also in revealing the relationship between mind and body. Please contact me through email for an individual assessment. 


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Only if you feel a resonance with me and this site. Only if you understand that I will hold you accountable and all the while being your champion. Maybe by this time, you have decided to take back control of your life and reality. If you are stuck with no direction or confused by the crazy things going on in our world today, there may be answers you have not considered and misunderstandings that affect you and the way you live. If you want to change your life, you must desire to put forth the time and effort. Join me today on this vibration of joy and unfold your own cosmic tale.