The Multidimensional Imagination

January 22, 2017 Sylvia Ioannides No comments exist

So it started with a bit of flirting that got a little out of hand: a lace glove, a perfumed letter, lipstick stains on an envelope.  Alright so I didn’t know what I was getting into, I admit it, but I deeply yearned for some connection in a world that seemed dysfunctional and totally cut off from ecstasy.  For years, I was afflicted with a malady that people think they can absolve by finding a romantic partner who will bring relief from the inexplicable and intense yearning for something greater.

Well, you have seen the old 1940’s flicks: the vampish moll brushing her leg against the gangster with his pin striped suit; well that’s me sitting at the table with the universe in a smoky nightclub, and it didn’t take very much seducing either.

Poetry was my first medium and it sprung out of the deepest parts of my imagination, and I wrote secretly, without remorse, flinging out invitations to the universe like a scarlet harlot.  Oh and there was nothing out of my reach, not the stars, not the sea, not even the sky, I even implicated the wind, pulling them all into a love affair I had shamelessly instigated.


Admittedly, I didn’t know what I was doing, but as I authentically responded to my inner feelings, I catapulted myself into reality after reality and with each leap I made, I was fast gaining greater amounts of knowledge and further opening myself to the universe.  Back and forth, the erotic love affair developed all these fruitful components and I was at the whim of a demanding lover.


Well you can believe that once the imagination has been fired to that degree, the road to multidimensional awareness cracks open, for the universe responds to your secret desires, your inner wishes, your thoughts and you are left wondering how an itty bitty person like you can create such an extraordinary response from the cosmos.


But beware, for multidimensionality is one of those all around killers; it destroys morality and slices into your perception of reality and brings you into unity with aspects of yourself.   This is why it is not for everyone, for one who is still thrashing around in old belief systems has a lot of inner work to do to obtain the clarity necessary to understand what it means to honour polarities.  But those old belief systems like to cling, and they like to turn tricks with the mind.

As we are shaken out of our slumber, and we realize that imagination is what weaves our reality, we come to understand that we are fashioning a new matrix using our collective creative powers.  For now we understand that there is no end to the multidimensional imagination which stretches beyond time and space.

As for me, there is the multidimensional dance floor, and the smooth talking universe, whispering candy secrets in my ears and spinning me into his tattooed arms, promising me treks into the yet unknown.


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