The Stink of Education

April 23, 2017 Sylvia Ioannides No comments exist


The Impossible Escape


The school system: a glorified babysitting scheme which solves the problem for parents of what to do with their children while they are off to work; a dumping ground where society prepares to turn the tender creative brain into the mediocre.  Standard educational programs run children. Calendars,  dominate our media and have all but infiltrated our day to day lives. Like most institutions, school does a great deal of damage. Creating hierarchical ways of learning, forcing submission to authority, glorifying and promoting unhealthy competition. Is this really the kind of civilized society we want to live in?

Let me make it perfectly clear that I am not against education as it does provide the basics of learning. But such as it is now, it is doing a lot more to destroy the individual than any other institution. The power of  a society lies in the creativity of the children which are all an expression of pure consciousness. I am not suggesting that all children are progressive or a good contribution to our society. I am simply suggesting that for those who do have capabilities, those who are brilliant and are tuned into a new way of living. Why should they submit to the nonsense of the educational model such as it is?

Is it a wonder more students are resisting the education system in the UK and first world? Teaching children in their early years about the Crimean War and Mary Seacole’s role is incredibly stupid. It is obviously written into the curriculum by somebody clueless about creativity and new consciousness.

Besides having a place to dump their children, teaching still has the reputation of being a ‘good’ and ‘reliable’ job due to the holidays and good pay. Teaching in the system keeps society functioning as it is. It also works in conjunction with the government and the airline industry. It also ensures that children are churned out of the system literally knowing nothing but worthless junk.

geore karlin

Children are brainwashed into learning about the importance of staying in school; how to submit to government and authority in order to ‘achieve’ or fit into the system. Unfortunately, not all children are meant to go to school, to write essays and solve mathematical problems. Everyone is not the same, so why force anyone to fit into one standard? This is nothing short of Nazi ideology born out of a need to control. You can see the majority of this perpetuated by female teachers who dominate the industry and feminine type men who also support this. An alpha male functioning normally would never accept the education system such as it is.

Furthermore, children are not children once they reach the age of puberty. They can certainly be guided onto a path they want, exposed to different activities to nurture them. Children in schools are simply funnelled into one direction. If you get them early enough to deviate from their own inner being, submit to authority and curb their freedom, you’ve got it made in the shade.

School authorities, head teachers, teachers, administrative officers serve themselves. Mostly it is due to the mortgages they have to pay and holiday benefits they get. So the reason they are there is to survive. What use is a teacher who is tortured every day by children because they are all forced to be there? I have seen this over and over in multitudes of schools in London. Everyone is bored to tears with teachers that are following a bullshit curriculum, and children who are often unsuspecting when they enter the school system. It is only years later when the rebellions happen that everyone wonders what happened. What happened is your system.

And I have not yet even mentioned the fact that boys do not belong in the education system such as it is, AT ALL. Boys learn differently from girls.  Expecting boys to submit to female standards of learning is one of the most damaging things that our modern society has ever done. If anything is ever going to change in our society, the education has to change or collapse pronto. It has no place in a modern society with all that useless learning. I have never seen so much bullshit piled up together in the education system such as it is.  And spare me the health and safety bullshit. Check out the poverty statistics for one thing:

And what about the sexual abuse taking place not just by ordinary citizens but the country is founded on it. So before i get deeper into that, let me turn back to education and the bullshit it rests on. Just because teachers are put through the grinder and squeezed to work under appalling circumstances in some places, it doesn’t mean it is an ‘outstanding’ school. unschool

We don’t just need new types of schools but new types of thinking: not all children need to go to school or want to. Not all children can adhere to the bullshit you have piled into the curriculum. All children need physical and creative outdoor activities every day.

Schools need to be turned into learning centres and while I agree many may not fit into this new model, they should have different opportunities like apprenticeships.  If parents can’t handle their children at home, you can’t expect others to do it for you. But people dump their children into the current education system and it is a battle to see who makes it out alive.

Just look:

Just because your child is in an ‘outstanding’ school, it doesn’t mean anything. Just a relief for you so you can go to work and be free of them for the portion of the day. Children and teachers need to be both of high quality to work together in a learning centre but what is happening now is that anybody becomes a teacher and goes to teach the crappy curriculum.

Teachers need to be spiritually aware, not just any old shit that was ground out of the university system with the same stupid mentality. The whole situation needs to start breaking apart and the way to do it is to start organising new types of schools. We need anarchy in the school system as soon as possible.

school and prison

Energetically, schools are run by energy vampires but because you can’t see the energy, you can’t tell where you are dumping your kids. That’s why it’s important to pay attention to your child’s needs, thoughts, emotions. Boys by nature do not do well in the current education system and who can blame them? The alpha maleness gets neutered out of them real fast in a system dominated entirely by women.

My last point is this: with the influx of immigrants, they will definitely continue to fund the education system energetically because they don’t know any better. They are just happy to be out of the straw hut or from the mud shack and into a ‘church of god’ school. These immigrant families with the idea that the ‘UK’ is a better system continue sustaining the old system for a few more generations. When you are completely clueless about anything except religion and you come from a war torn region, you won’t argue with the system.

You will work like a dog so your children can go to school and you can hold onto a dead end job. That’s why governments support immigration and refugees. It is a ploy to keep funding the old systems.

So many reports, look:



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