Unravelling the Matrix through Collective Dreaming

February 15, 2017 Sylvia Ioannides No comments exist

The expansiveness of the individual always has to do with the extraordinary.  It is the reason why people are always reaching as far as they can externally, always in search for that which they cannot touch like stories, love affairs, art, movies, travel.   Like an outstretched hand grasping anything tangible from the greater universe for a connection beyond the self.

And yet the deeper one loses themselves in the ordinary world, the more their thirst deepens and soon, they are giving over their power easily to people, places, things.  It is my contention that it is their divine right to do that, for how can one understand the greater cosmos if one is not first divided from it? Ultimately, it is that separation which creates the energetic friction needed for a deeper understanding, for this universe is nothing if not an indifferent narcissist watching from the deep unknown.

And so right at the edge of our individual horizon is the collective matrix, that thin layer of beliefs, hanging over us like a  web of a spider, fragmenting our beliefs, creating tricks and false shadows hurtling us deeper into forgetting.  And so searching for a launch pad to hurl us out into other worldly dimensions is not always easy, and yet sleep is a necessity to us all and possibly a call into that for which we long.

Parallel Realities
Parallel Realities

One can dream alone, but I have found that dreaming with like minded people gives us a stronger platform with which to create new realities and allow them to take shape and emerge.  But in a world that persists in keeping us all on schedules, stuck in patterns that adhere to a strict system, how does one go about abolishing the daily grind? How to unmake the reality that has been marvellously imposed?

For that to happen, one must allow for a rhythm in their life, an establishment of relaxation, an out of boundaries rhythm where one can awaken and sleep whenever they are inclined; to stare into the mind endlessly as images float past.  But how, some of you will ask, when I have work and family and appointments and children? There is always going to be something in the waking world to challenge us but it is the attention that is most valuable to the dreamer and where he places it.

Dreaming, which is a key to expanding awareness, needs that attention as a main ingredient; and when that happens, a vacuum is created strong enough to you into other kinds of realities.  I am amazed by those who never pay attention to their dreams, never investigate them, for rest assured this reality is no different from the one you dream.

Dreaming is a platform for creation and this is how people who dream together can create a potentially new world.  It is only when people cannot fixate on anything except the mundane, clinging onto the old system with its outdated, obsolete beliefs that they become stuck.  This is why dreaming schools are so fundamental for our planet, giving children and youth the option to expand themselves beyond the current system which is nothing but female controlled hogwash.

The School System.
The School System.

In my novels, many of the characters delve deeply into other worlds necessary for their own advancement into higher levels of consciousness, and we see that they return sharper, more aware and while it seems that characters in the world of fantasy have more options, many may feel this cannot happen to us in our daily lives and yet nothing but a thin veil separates our worlds.

The Hood of Aalayfa.  When Personal Power Matters.
The Hood of Aalayfa.
When Personal Power Matters.

At this time, obsolete systems that we live in currently force us to rush off to work in the morning, feeding us wild cockeyed stories through news and media of how to become a productive worker in a system that is not interested in feeding anything but itself.  It is our own belief systems as a collective reality which allow for this to happen, for in a world where graduates get a robe and cap and a standing ovation for dreaming, we would all be living very differently.

Potential dreamer schools would explore the processes of dreaming, how to move about in the astral world, going within, how to control the dream and even how to drop off into a nap.  This ability to cease, to create worlds would bring us as a world the endless possibilities of creation at our beck and call instead of getting sucked into the 9 to 5 maiming which has become old and worn.

To sleep, perchance to dream? But you are dreaming and it isn’t the dream  where you are sitting on a cloud listening to harps either.  It is more like the movie The Night of the Living Dead  where you are being herded into rigid work patterns, forced to go to places where you long to escape from and being slowly eaten alive by your own unawareness.

Modern Slavery.
Modern Slavery.

This is the time of awakening within the dream and having lived countless lives in this reality that we all know so intimately, it is time for us as a collective to grab hold of the steering wheel and shift into the direction of ecstatic living.

It has already happened, already been written, already, it has been dreamed.


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